I’m just me.. and I promise to always try and be..

Ok! Ok! So now you know, I’m not a poet, but sometimes I get hit with rhymes and metaphors. During this phase, I might have you crazy, but let us be honest, if you understand what I’m saying, are you not just as insane?

I’m a kinda young lady, with the typing skills of a mofo (I would like to think), the vocabulary of a sailor and the dance moves of, well… I make up my own of course! I can’t sing, yet it has never stopped me. I’m a bit of a “tom-boy” and I believe there’s nothing wrong with a girl who prefers walking and driving barefoot.

But of course, just like everything else in life, there’s a but (with one “t”, because I don’t want your ass or nose in my business). I’m a paradox to everything I’ve just typed.. I like long nails (painted black mostly), and high heels with jeans. I’ll never be satisfied with the length of my hair and the size of my body (not that it matters to you anyway).

I like being alone, writing, reading, sleeping.. yet when I’m AWAKE AWAKE in reality, I need people around me.. I don’t like being alone, yet I do? Understand? Of course you do! Friends and family are very important, yet I believe that neither has to know absolutely everything! Ok! Maybe one best friend.. No! Here we go again with the exceptions! Exceptions are for people who are too afraid to start over.. Yet, I cannot argue that, exceptions are what’s keeping us all together.

If you’ve read this far, you’re my type of person, because when people open their “half-yet-fully-broken-hearts” on the internet, I cannot stop reading, because I understand how difficult it is to open up.

Thank you for reading this, please come back soon.. and maybe someday, our monsters will meet..