_Poetry vs. Sports_

I’m lonely.. I’m lonely because I’ve been single for a long time.. In March 2017, it’s going to be 5 years..


I’ve been struggling lately, because every time someone asks me what I want in a guy or what my type is, it would appear that it changes over time, sometimes even in a matter of weeks.


Is it a bad thing?


Maybe I should just start making a check list, remove or add some “check points” based on how I feel that day , but by doing that I’m part of the usual, typical girl going through some kind of existential phase, argue?


You can’t.


But here are a few things that have bothered me lately…


I like sporty-big-bad-guys that know what they want in life, yet I also like the more-in-style type of guy wearing a beanie playing the guitar with a cig in his mouth..

Maybe, I just want someone to accept me, with my past, with my bad habits and every other part of the package. Maybe I just want/need a guy that can grab my ass, yet still think it’s amazing or cute when I develop an obsession with poetry. A guy that at least listens when I freak out about nostalgic shit happening in my life.. Maybe even get romantic once in a while? Yet, I adore the veins on a guy’s arms when he just finished a rugby game and HIS obsession to become bigger and better than before.. Sometimes it’s even sexy when a guy doesn’t pay fully attention to you, and still we (girls) get angry..

Do you get this?

We want guys to do stuff, to be stuff, to dream stuff.. stuff that we find sexy, cute or attractive, but then we get mad…

Ugh! Does this even make sense to you? This doesn’t make sense to me?

I’m out, I’m sorry!


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