[Carry them]

Carry them…

The past few week I’ve been trying my best.. With what? 


I’ve struggled.. A lot.. 

I can’t sleep because I’m negative about the following day.. I can’t eat ’cause I’m negative about my weight.. I struggle to go to classes because I have a fear of getting results back.. I curse (a lot) out of frustration.. I cry.. I get more and more lonely.. I crave the feeling of cuddling.. I sigh (more than usual)

But I’ve been trying to keep it all to myself.. Some times I succeeded, while other times I just wanted to punch the closest object and burst into tears! 

But that’s not all…

While trying to stitch myself back together, I’ve been carrying some people through their hard times. I’ve stayed more positive for them, than for myself! I’ve motivated them.. I’ve been friendly (with tears threatening to fall) and offered them help where or when they needed it, even when I new it complicated my situation.. 

And that’s what made it all worth it! That is what taught me to keep it all to myself! 

People don’t necessarily listen because they want to help or care, they sometimes only listen because they hear that you’re speaking! 

But that feeling you get when someone, (who YOU carried) succeeds, is amazing! 
So carry them darlin’

Even if it means that you’re crawling! 


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