More than a smile :)

This may sound like a  “teenager-ree cliche” but there really is more to a smile than just another facial expression.

Let’s look a simple, plain example:
Earlier today I stood next to the security guard at our apartment complex’s front desk. I had quite a rough day (you would too if you found out that you got 28% for your Philosophy assignment). But anyway, back to my story. I stood next to her while minding my own business and when I turned around to search for one of my friends, I saw her.

Smiling at her phone!

Of course I couldn’t help but smile secretly. Her smile had my mind racing! What did she read? Who did she see? Was it her husband? Was it her children? Was it her secret lover?

And when I walked away, I realized that I was still smiling. Her smile and the reason behind it had nothing to do with , yet my entire day was for a slight moment more depressed and then entirely better!

Your silly facial expressions aren’t just smiles or duck faces…

It can actually set someone’s soul on fire.

How can something make you happy and sad? Well dear blogger, I’m sure that, this is not a new question to you, because that is something that everyone is arguing about. But this woman’s smile broke my heart while “fixing” my day.

I missed him, I missed the fact that he could make me smile at my phone like an idiot! I missed his laugh! I missed his face, the way his eyes light up when he’s happy.. I missed every single bit of him!

And now, now I’m depressed, and so are you.. Sorry

Well, good bye and have a nice day!

I’m now on my way to go watch how one if my friends drown his sorrows in alcohol! Maybe I’ll have a drink too…

For you dear reader, and for me…



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