Help! There’s a zoo in my stomach!

Fuck butterflies! He texted be BACK today and now, now I have a zoo in my stomach! The zebras are barking, the horses are galloping, the owls, why they’re awake for once. 

I was having one fucked up day! I have French as a subject and oh my! At first I thought, “well this is cool and sexy and and and…” but now I think, “Why must French be so complicated and why do they have sooooo many rules!?”

But… He saved me today by telling me…

“Come on! Show them that you can do it! It’s a bad day, not a bad life”

Now THAT is husband material, or am I wrong? (don’t you dare sing!!!)

FML! After reading this message, I thought that I had made my final decision about who I’m going to choose.. I mean, what more do you want then hubby-material??

I need some serious advice, please, please please????



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