First blog post

Hi there

You can call me Annie, it’s what the few friends I have, call me.

I’m 19 and a full time student. That’s supposed to give you an idea about what my life is all about. Yes dear, I’m another bitch trying to survive everything thrown at me.

Please don’t think that I created and started a blog just because I don’t have the balls to tell you how I feel about you to your face, because I will. Me starting this blog is just about me, loving to write down about how bitch life can be. It’s a type of therapy and escape. But the fact that you’ve read this means that you might have a thing for bloggers and that I’m already telling you what you know, because chances are, you have your own blog, your own problems and your own seeing of life.

I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to help.

I’m that type of person that when you WANT TO be a bitch, I WILL HELP YOU be the best bitch that you can be. I’ m still in training myself, but I have quite an idea what it’s all about.

That being said, I may be 100% bitch, but I STILL RESPECT MY PARENTS! Yes, they drive me insane and they don’t know everything about me, but I still love them. At the end of it all, family stays family.

Please don’t be afraid to comment or have an opinion. I’m a very good listener (aka reader) because few people in my life actually listen, because normally that’s my job.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I’m jobless and enjoying catching up some sleep that I’ve lost the past 6 months.

Happy blogging!



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